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We start marketing our first polyolefins with post-consumer recycled material from our Reciclex project

We promote the new circular economy of plastics with the production of a new range of polyolefins for bundle shrink film that incorporates plastic recycled material. This material is one of the first developments resulting from our agreement with the environmental services manager Saica Natur.
Press release
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Close-up of hundreds of plastic bottles wrapped in Repsol's shrink film

After achieving the industrial production, we put on the market our first material from our Reciclex project, Repsol 50RX2805, which allows incorporating plastic recycling in the film used as secondary packaging for the transport of packs of cans, bottles, cartons or cardboard boxes. The new material is formulated on the basis of a low density polyethylene (LDPE) compound with 50% post-consumer waste. This grade allows to incorporate recycled plastic on a commercial scale in an application where its presence was merely testimonial; and it unfolds new uses, without compromising the technical requirements in the final product.

With these new materials, we advance in our commitment to the circular economy and our value chain by putting on the market new solutions that will generate additional demand for plastic recycling, in line with our pledge to the Circular Plastics Alliance (CPA), launched by the European Commission in December 2018.