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Together we can create a more sustainable future

Our corporate investment vehicle, Repsol Corporate Venturing, invests in startups with technology solutions aimed at decarbonization.

Our investment fund, Repsol Deep Tech, helps boost technologies in the initial development  stages but with high potential in the energy transition. In addition to funding, we provide our broad knowledge of the energy industry through the more than 200 scientists at our technology and innovation center, the Repsol Technology Lab. There, we offer the possibility to test and validate the technologies from the startups in which we invest.


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Net Zero Ventures: Our complementary investment fund

The investment fund that we've created along with Suma Capital boosts startups that develop mature technologies focused on decarbonization and the circular economy with the aim of applying them at an industrial scale.

We add value to your project

Javier Lozano

CEO of Smarkia

“Repsol backing serves as an excellent introduction to the most demanding international markets.”

Juan Spiniak

Vice President of Product at Ample

“Repsol has helped us so much to understand the energy market and Spanish market.”

Víctor Sancho

Founder of Ezzing Solar

“A fund that is also a company enables you to implement your technology and test it more quickly.”

Success stories

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Through our Repsol Deep Tech investment fund, we've acquired 33% of Smarkia, a company with a software platform that provides its customers energy optimization solutions. This transaction marks a milestone in the investment ecosystem, since it not only provides capital, but we also transferred one of our energy optimization technologies based on artificial intelligence and that was developed at our innovation center, the Repsol Technology Lab.

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We are stakeholders in this Spanish startup that was also supported by our Entrepreneurs Fund. It works with a new technology called NIDUP for the production of biomethane  from various types of organic waste, such as surplus slurry, municipal solid waste, and sewage sludge. It's an excellent application of circular economy that will contribute to decarbonization through the delocalized, small-scale production and distribution of renewable biomethane, which serves as an option for rural and under-industrialized areas.

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Investing in a more sustainable future