Carbon pricing

Supporting carbon pricing

We believe that a carbon price must be set for all productive sectors worldwide as a key element in policies to fight climate change.


Raising awareness and improving habits


As such, each ton of CO2 will come with a price for everyone, from industry to end consumers. This would have a knock-on effect on their activity, make them aware of the problem, and change their habits towards a more efficient consumption and production model. The effect would be further strengthened with clear and transparent information on the costs and the repercussion on all those involved.

  • It offers a orderly way to address the energy transition at a lower cost for society.
  • It promotes innovative technologies that are compatible with the 2° C scenario.
  • It gives companies an incentive to reduce their emissions by including the price in the final cost of all their products.
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Carbon pricing at Repsol

In the absence of global measures, Repsol has established its own internal carbon price that we apply to all new investments we make. Within the European Union, values are set at $70/t in 2025 and go up to $100/t after 2030. In other countries, we've set the price at $60/t after 2025.

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Net zero emissions by 2050

We are the first energy company to take on the commitment of reaching net zero emissions by 2050.