Sines Industrial Complex expansion

Sines Complex at sunset

We place our complex at the forefront in Europe

Our Sines Industrial Complex, located on the Portuguese coast, begun its expansion work in March 2023 with 38 new hectares and represents the largest industrial investment made in Portugal in the last 10 years. This project has been considered by the Portuguese government as an initiative of Potential National Interest (PIN), a qualification reserved for investments that make a significant contribution to the country's economy.

Medical and pharmaceutical material
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Containers and packaging

New products

The expansion includes the construction of two new plants, one for linear polyethylene and the other for polypropylene, both high value-added, 100% recyclable polymeric materials for the pharmaceutical, automotive, and food industries. Each of these lines will increase production capacity by 300,000 tonnes per year.

The new plants, which represent an investment of 657 million euros, will be operational in 2025, and make the Sines Industrial Complex one of the most advanced in Europe due to its flexibility, high degree of integration, and competitiveness. The technologies of both plants ensure maximum energy efficiency, integrating the self-consumption of photovoltaic energy and hydrogen by electrolysis, are leaders in the market, and the first of their kind that will be installed in the Iberian Peninsula.

The complex will also have new logistics facilities, incorporating the possibility of using the railroad and connection to the port of Sines, which will allow multimodal logistics, optimizing the connection with the European market, as well as reducing the carbon footprint of product transportation.

This project will contribute to greater integration and diversification of Repsol's industrial area, strengthening its leadership in Europe.

Some figures


new hectares

the largest industrial investment of the last 10 years in Portugal.



of investment for the expansion of the Sines Industrial Complex.



of linear polyethylene and polypropylene produced.



in which it'll be operational.