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  • Committed to transforming the energy sector

    Innovation is in our DNA and now we're taking on this ambitious challenge by adapting our company to new scenarios, technologies, and working styles.

How we're doing it

  • Icon of an atom. Energy and innovation. Digital transformation.
    Using disruptive technologies to digitalize our entire value chain, starting from from our business units.
  • Icon white board. Energy and innovation. Digital transformation.
    Introducing a more cross-company structure and changing our working style to be more agile.
  • Icon organizational chart with people. Energy and innovation. Digital transformation.
    Working with partners with a philosophy that's open to innovation and incorporating new digital talent.
  • What + if
    The formula that takes us further

    Have you ever wondered who or what lies behind each change?
  • Projects and people

What if we questioned things to make them better?

In each of our projects at Repsol, we ask ourselves if we can be more agile, efficient, or sustainable. This desire to continually improve is what drives us to find new ways of doing things.
Repsol employee. Energy and innovation. Digital transformation.

"Getting closer to the customer is what motivates us."

Frontal view of a Wible vehicle. Energy and innovation. Digital transformation.

And what if you could have a car...
...without having a car?

Operator Carlos Rubio. Energy and innovation. Digital transformation.

"Without cultural change, the tool wouldn't work. Same thing the other way around. The tool is what bolsters our working culture."

Repsol industrial facility. Energy and innovation. Digital transformation.

What if we digitalize every part of our industrial facilities?

  • Digital transformation in figures

    We've launched more than 130 digital initiatives to bring us closer to our customers, drive new businesses, become more sustainable, and manage the cultural change taking place within our company.
  • What if you’re part of this change, too?

    Our transformation depends on lots of people, and you can be part of it. We're expanding our digital team, incorporating new talent, defining new roles, and transforming our cross-company style of working in multidisciplinary teams.
  • Don't miss a bit of our digital transformation…

Laptop showing the word Medium. Energy and innovation. Digital transformation.

We're proud to present
our new Medium channel

There's motivation behind every change. We want to tell you about how we're changing and take part in conversations on an expert channel like Medium, and that's why we've started a blog on this platform.
A user viewing an Inside Repsol report from a laptop. Energy and innovation. Digital transformation.

New LinkedIn Showcase page

We have created a Showcase page on LinkedIn where you can find out about our most interesting projects and everything else we're doing that's part of the digital transformation.