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Our commitment to startups

The Repsol Corporate Venturing investment fund seeks out new technologies and invests in startups, driving new businesses forward. If you have a project idea, we want to hear about it. We are committed to transforming your projects into real businesses that are viable in the long term.
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    We give the chance to test technologies and business models in a top-class company like Repsol.
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    We provide support with Repsol's technical experience, industry expertise, and innovation network.
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    We accompany our startups during the growth process, giving financial stability and a commercial structure.
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    We're a stable and trustworthy partner with a solid reputation in the sector and decades of experience.

We invest in startups that develop innovative technology

or businesses to implement them in Repsol

We will allocate our strategic investment fund, Repsol Corporate Venture, worth €85 million for the 2016-2020 period, to six technology fields: Operational reliability, Circular economy, Advanced mobility, Energy diversification, New materials, and Digital technologies applied to exploration and production.

Partnerships and mentoring programs