Dual VT students

Dual VT at Repsol

Dual VT is a training form in which the school and company are both responsible for the student's training. The student combines the theoretical training with training in a real work environment, so that they can acquire skills and abilities to improve their employability and access the job market in better conditions.

We are one of the pioneering companies in the implementation of Dual VT in Spain. The company welcomes more than 150 students every year, who develop their internships in the industrial complexes and centers throughout Spain, including in those where we have launched our decarbonization strategy, strengthening our commitment to integrate all our employees in the achievement of our net zero emissions target from the start.

At Repsol, internships are paid, in some cases according to the guidelines set by the Department of Education in each Autonomous Community and in other cases improving the guidelines of these communities. The student receives a minimum of between 300 and 450 euros per month and is registered with the Spanish Social Security.

We are part of a partnership promoted by the Spanish Ministry of Education to consolidate the modernization process of an efficient, dynamic Vocational Training of excellence.

Dual VT figures at Repsol

+ 200

students per year

+ 150 



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Scientists in a laboratory

In-demand profiles

Job insertion in VT is very high and higher than in university education, with an average occupancy rate among its graduates that in Spain is no less than 70%, and the immediate future will bring even more demand for professional profiles that correspond to these degrees.

In the past, the majority of students that did internships at Repsol came from the university environment. However, today around 35% are from Vocational Training and there is a growing demand for profiles who study advanced vocational training.

According to estimates for 2025 from the European Centre for the Development of Vocational Training (CEDEFOP), 2/3 of new job positions will be created for students from intermediate or advanced vocational training and 1/3 for university students.

Dual Vocational Training offering and specialties

At Repsol, you can find training in specialties linked to STEM (science, technology, engineering, and mathematics), which are part of the 150 training cycles making up Dual VT:


Scientists in a laboratory

A training company

This year, there are around 200 apprentices in internships at Repsol, where students in degrees such as Mechatronics and Administration and Finance are also trained.

For Tomás Almarcha, Repsol Chemicals plant operator at the Tarragona industrial complex, Dual VT allowed him to turn his career around. "When I finished my ADE (Business Administration and Management) university degree, I didn't have good job opportunities. After almost three years looking for and changing jobs, I decided to enroll in Dual VT, because you come out with an academic degree and, because of the training hours at the work center, you also come out with a lot of experience." When his internship at Repsol finished, Tomás applied for a position as a plant operator and now he's another member of the team.

Carrying out internships doesn't commit companies to subsequent hiring, but the incorporation among the apprentices trained at Repsol into its employment agency varies from 30% to 50% depending on the year.

"Dual VT plays an essential role in the training of professionals prepared for new demands that will arise in the context of the energy transition. It provides the necessary technical skills, updated knowledge, and practical experience in a constantly evolving field.”

Repsol Diversity and Inclusion Manager


Dual VT students and tutor

The key role of tutors

Tutors and instructors play a crucial role in this learning model. They have to be people with professional experience, certain educational vocation, and must represent the company's values.

In each area, a tutor is responsible for the student in the internship and proposes a plan or Learning Contract with the activities to achieve the skills established in the academic degree and practical training in the job position.

In coordination with the school, the tutor makes the apprentice's training plan, as well as monitoring them during the course and their final assessment.

At Repsol, we carry out a survey when the internship period ends, both among students and tutors, obtaining very positive ratings. Among the tutors, 95% say they would repeat this role.

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