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Equality and diversity

Enriching diversity

Equal opportunities: #WomenWithEnergy

Repsol is extremely proud of its human team: diverse, inclusive, and multicultural. Though we believe we can always do a little more. That's why in 2017 we signed the 11th Framework Agreement and launched the Global Sustainability Plan. Both actions have a clear objective: to continue promoting cultural diversity, equal opportunities, and the integration of people with disabilities. Thanks to this, we can tell the stories of these #WomenWithEnergy: professional women breaking the mold and challenging stereotypes to work in a traditionally male-dominated sector.

We continue to make strides towards gender equality

It's no coincidence that Repsol holds the Equality in Workplace emblem, awarded by Spain's Ministry of Health, Social Services, and Equality. Do you want to know why?
  • 50%

    new hires

    In 2017, 50% of new hires were women — just another example of the balance and equality found at Repsol.
  • 30%


    At Repsol, we've set a goal for ourselves: for women to hold 30% of leadership positions worldwide by 2020.
  • 36%


    36% of Repsol employees worldwide are women. That number goes up every year.

Qualified people

At Repsol, we value individuals' strength and their will to succeed. Our integration plan for people with disabilities goes beyond what's current required by Spanish law.
  • 576


    In 2017, nearly 600 employees with disabilities formed part of our worldwide team.
  • 2.3%

    of all employees

    The percentage of all employees is beyond what is required by Spanish law.
  • 1

    Integration plan

    We have an integration plan for people with disabilities that encompasses all areas of the organization.
People working in a team at a table

Global culture and attitude

Cultural diversity is one of the drivers of growth that contributes the most value to Repsol. We currently have employees of 84 different nationalities in 37 countries. Different nationalities are also represented among the directors of our Diversity and Work-Life Balance Committee, reflecting the various realities present in today's society.
  • Firsthand accounts

    Everyone has a story to tell — we'll share some with you here.
Idoia Ibáñez

Pioneers: Idoia Ibáñez

The sea knows no gender, but Idoia has been sailing against the wind her whole life. She was the first female captain in the merchant navy and has had to face many challenges to show that her place was at sea.
Marta Camacho

Career: Marta Camacho

Marta is the kind of person who needs to get out of their comfort zone and find new challenges every time they reach their goals. Find out how she became the director of protocol.
Susana Bokobo

Susana Bokobo

Susana is one of our Spanish colleagues, but her family comes from Equatorial Guinea. Her work with us focuses principally on maintaining good relations between Repsol and different countries' tax agencies.
Patricia Carrascal

Patricia Carrascal

Patricia Carrascal and Brilyn are two colleagues who work in Repsol's Communication area. Actually, Patricia works while Brilyn sits under the table.