2021–2025 Strategic Plan

Discover our roadmap to becoming a net zero emissions company by 2050.

We are presenting a Strategic Plan in which we’re going to turn Repsol into a more competitive company, a Repsol that develops new decarbonized businesses, a Repsol that with its actions and investments will contribute along the way to a world and a planet with less CO2 emissions.

Josu Jon Imaz


Josu Jon Imaz
Repsol Campus at night with lights in the colors of the logo

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At Repsol, we have one goal: To become a net zero emissions company by 2050, and achieve it through our 2021-2025 Strategic Plan, an ambitious roadmap that will enable us to progress successfully towards our multi-energy commitment in an effort to cover all of society's energy and mobility needs.

In all, this is possible thanks to a €19.3 billion investment, of which €6.5 billion will be mainly allocated to low-carbon initiatives.


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