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People's safety

Seguridad de las personas

People's safety

Our commitment to people's safety and health requires that we demand the highest level of safety in all of our activities. What is our goal? To achieve the objective of zero accidents. And we know that it is possible.

We focus on people, on their beliefs and values, and on their behaviors and attitudes towards security, all to reduce the accident rate due to human causes.

We firmly believe that it is possible to achieve the objective of zero accidents. To reach this goal, we're counting on each and every the people who participate in our activities. Regardless of their post or geographical location, all Repsol employees are responsible for their safety and for contributing to the safety of the people around us.

Our 10 Basic Safety Rules

We rate safety on a scale of ten to zero. There are 10 Basic Safety Rules that we follow to make our everyday lives safer, and these guidelines are fundamental pillars for us to achieve our goal of zero accidents.

The 10 Basic Safety Rules help us to prevent people from having accidents while performing our operations. These rules are based on an updated version of Repsol’s 7 Rules to save your life combined with Talisman’s 10 Golden Rules.

Nuestras 7 reglas básicas de seguridad

These are the areas covered by our 10 Basic Safety Rules:

1. Safe driving 
2. Work permits 
3. Isolation and lockout 
4. Entry to confined spaces 
5. Excavation 
6. Mobile and energized equipment 
7. Work at height 
8. Lifting operations 
9. Dropped objects
10. Prevention of leaks

It is compulsory that these rules are followed by all of our employees and contractors.

We launched an extensive publicity campaign with the active participation of everybody involved to raise awareness of these rules. A range of communication and training materials are freely available for all of our employees, partners, and contractors on the website:

10 reglas_ver vídeo

Innovation drives all of our operations and safety is just as important, which is why we use techniques such as games to encourage learning. We provide a virtual reality experience to submerge the user in environments and situations that make learning the Basic Safety Rules easy, productive, and fun.

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At Repsol, we are convinced that the Basic Safety Rules will save lives and that safety depends on all of us. This is why we work to encourage the same levels of commitment in people outside of our organization too, with this publicity campaign including the business that work with us. The 10 Basic Rules could prove to be the ultimate protection against accidents, and they are therefore both an obligation and a right for all of us that contribute to Repsol’s operations.