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  • Repsol Chemicals helps improve your daily life

    The products from Repsol’s Chemicals Division are used to manufacture everyday objects that improve people’s quality of life, their well-being and their safety and can be found in almost all industry segments. In Repsol we manufacture and market a wide variety of products, ranging from base petrochemicals to derivatives.

Industry segments

Menor peso, menor consumo y menos emisiones, así te ayuda el plástico


Agricultura. Las frutas y verduras que tu dieta necesita.


Bienestar y consumo. Un padre y su hija posan para una foto con casco y diferentes elementos de seguridad

Wellbeing and consumer products

Vista parcial de la fachada de un edificio

Building and infrastructure

Varios envases y embalajes


Bolsas de suero


Mujer escribiendo sentada en un sofá en el salón


 El jersey de Ana
  • Discover our complete online catalogue of grades

Rafael Jiménez, Business Director of Polyolefns and Iñigo Rengifo, Director of Polypropylene receiving the award

We have been elected as the best European polypropylene producer 2018

The election was carried out by secret ballot among the European plastic converters. This is an initiative of EuPC, the European association that groups thousands of plastic processing companies.
Química y sociedad

Chemicals and you

Chemicals are present in many of the daily objects with which you live and which improve your life. Providing safety, comfort, well-being and also helping you to be more energy efficient. Join us and discover how chemicals influence your life and make it easier.
At Repsol we are working towards a future without waste, setting ourselves new challenges that will be essential in the new circular economy.
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Innovation and quality

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Safety and the environment

Agricultura. Las frutas y verduras que tu dieta necesita.

Brochures and catalogues

Agricultura. Las frutas y verduras que tu dieta necesita.

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