Repsol stand at K 2022

Repsol at K 2022

We took part in the leading trade fair for the chemicals and rubber industry that was held on October 19-26 in Dusseldorf.

Our stand

Our entire team was at the fair during the eight days it lasted. It gave us a chance to connect, learn about our innovations, and propose joint solutions. 

Do you want to learn about the projects we showcased at the K?

We join forces with strategic partners because we believe in the circular economy as one of our key levers to achieve our net zero emissions goal by 2050. We have developed our Repsol Reciclex® polyolefins with recycled plastic content to assist our customers in their sustainability, innovation, and growth strategies. With this in mind, we collaborate with the entire value chain on innovative and more sustainable solutions via chemical and mechanical recycling technologies.

Grupo Choviz mortal and pestle

Promoting circular packaging with Berry Superfós and Chovi Goup

We supply the circular material that the company Berry Superfós transforms into Chovi Group’s mortar-shaped container for its traditional allioli. The alliance between the three companies aims to promote circular packaging for the food sector, with the most demanding technical and safety requirements. The new Choví brand allioli mortars contain 25% of chemically recycled material from post-consumer plastics, the first company in its sector to adopt this sustainable solution. In addition, the entire container is 100% recyclable after its useful life.

Diaper bag

Collaborating with Armando Alvarez Group and Abena to increase sustainable packaging in the baby care sector

The diaper bag from the company Abena, one of the most important companies producing baby diapers in Europe, is made with our second-generation linear metallocene polyethylene of biobased origin. A material from organic waste such as used oils and biomass waste. This product represents an innovation due to the raw material origin since it replaces fossil fuels and provides a clear advantage by reducing the carbon footprint by more than 80% compared to its traditional alternative. In addition, as it is a mono material polyethylene solution, it facilitates recycling compared to other options that include multi-material layers. The bag produced and fully converted by Grupo Armando Álvarez, a reference in the packaging sector in Europe and the world. With this agreement, we move forward together in the search for sustainable solutions that contribute to circularity and society's needs.

Packaged Huercasa corn

Developing with SP Group and Huercasa a circular mono-material polypropylene solution for flexible packaging

Our collaboration with SP Group, a manufacturer of a wide flexible packaging solutions range, and Huercasa, dedicated to producing ready-to-eat vegetable products, has resulted in a flexible polypropylene mono material packaging prototype for the food industry. This packaging allows the preservation of the flavor and freshness of the final product. A product conceived integrating ecodesign principles, made with Repsol Reciclex® recycled material, totally recyclable, and that resists sterilization. The three companies are committed to sustainability in the packaging production processes to offer society more responsible consumption.

Nestle Yoggi and kefir bottles

Joining forces with Lactalis Nestlé towards the circularity in food packaging

The company Lactalis Nestlé, dedicated to yogurt and dairy dessert, has become a pioneer in incorporating recycled plastic from our circular material Repsol Reciclex® range to manufacture its chilled dairy product bottles. This material meets the food industry's highest quality and hygiene standards. Thanks to this agreement, the Nestlé Kéfir range bottles produced in Guadalajara (Spain) for Spain and Portugal are made with 30% recycled material. Similarly, the material used for the Yoggi brand drinking yogurt bottles, marketed in Portugal, contains 10% recycled material.

Plastigur adhesive tape

Developing sustainable solutions together with Plastigaur

Our circular polyethylene is transformed through the MDO (Machine Direction Orientation) process by Plastigaur, dedicated to flexible packaging development and film transformation in sectors with high added value. This productive interaction has allowed the company Ubis Adhesive Tapes, a specialist in the design and manufacture of adhesive tapes for all types of applications, to offer the market the first adhesive tape made with 100% circular polyethylene. This product provides a mono material solution that will increase the recyclability of all polyethylene containers that need to be reinforced with adhesive tape.

Lacasitos bag

Creating new recyclable flexible packaging with Armando Alvarez Group and Lacasitos for the confectionary industry

The new Lacasitos bag from Grupo LACASA, one of the leading national producers of chocolate, is made with circular polyethylene from our Repsol Reciclex® range. Armando Alvarez Group, a reference in the packaging sector in Europe and the world, includes in the formula our circular material and develops a mono material structure, through the innovative MDO process (Machine Direction Orientation). The new bag contains more than 60% of chemically recycled material from post-consumer plastics (ISCC). A 100% recyclable mono material solution made following eco-design principles and replacing multimaterial films facilitating its recyclability.

Do you know about the Alba Project?

The most significant polyolefins growth project in recent years. This project guarantees maximum energy efficiency and contributes to our commitment to sustainable development and the people’s well-being.  We will produce 100% recycled new materials for highly specialized applications aligned with the energy transition in the pharmaceutical, automotive, and food industries.

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