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We offer you different internship options adapted to you and with the possibility of joining our team.


Talent Energy internships

For undergraduate or Master's students in different branches of engineering, physics, mathematics, statistics, specialties in cybersecurity, Big Data and business administration, economics, law, and marketing.


VT and Dual VT internships

For students studying administration, marketing, laboratory, industrial chemistry, or mechatronics. Contact your school if you're interested.

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You can be part of the change

Our internship program is aimed at young adults from any part of the country. We are looking for dynamic, creative, and analytical individuals who are eager to learn and train and who want to face challenges and lead the change toward a more sustainable world.

The disciplines that fit into our internship program are:

Digital field: mathematics, IT, telecommunications, physics, statistics, and data.

Energy transition: engineers, with Industrial and chemical engineers being the most required.

Economic-administrative sciences: business administration and management, economics, and finance.

Vocational training profiles:

  • Administration and finance
  • Marketing
  • Laboratory
  • Industrial chemistry
  • Robotics and maintenance technicians

Learn about Dual VT

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All about Dual VT - What is it and what advantages does it have?

We answer all your questions to guide you in your future. What are the advantages of Dual VT? What benefits does it have for students? Why choose it over traditional VT?

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