Lubricants, Asphalts, and Specialized Products – Improvements to the A-92 highway

Using new materials with a lower environmental impact to resurface roads

Asphalt News 01/02/2019
  • We have resurfaced a 13-km stretch of the A-92 highway and improved road safety. To do so, we have applied years of investigation in the manufacture and application of environmentally-friendly products (green products) through the use of improved bitumens and modified with waste tire rubber powder.
Tramo de la carretera A92 sobre la que se están realizando las obras

Located near Huétor Santillán in Puerto de la Mora (Granada, Spain), a 13-km stretch of the A-92 highway has been replaced. The work involved milling and replacing the surface course and was carried out by the company Hidráulicas y Viales over a three-week period.

This reduced disruptions to traffic in this stretch, which can top 20,000 vehicles per day — 15% of which are heavy vehicles.

The commercial and administrative aspects were dealt with by the Levante Commercial representative, José Luis Pradas, while the Puertollano factory was responsible for manufacturing and supplying the recycled tire rubber (RTR) modified bitumen.

Bitumen mixes made with our product have a series of technical, environmental, and social characteristics to reduce their environmental impact and create a road that is safer for users and more sustainable for society.