Repsol and its foundation, Fundación Repsol, will collaborate with the OEI to develop cooperative projects in Ibero-America

Press Release 18/09/2018 22:00
  • The main source of this gas will be solar energy, reducing its carbon footprint by more than 90% compared with other production processes.
  • This will be the first time that Repsol incorporates a partner to enhance technology developed at its Technology Center in Móstoles, Spain.
  • The initiative reflects Repsol and Enagás’s dedication to innovation and technology in all their areas of activity, as well as their commitment to reducing CO2 emissions and their carbon footprint.
  • This project is a key part of Enagás’s strategy to develop non-electrical renewable energy sources, which are fundamental to the energy transition process.

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Repsol, Fundación Repsol, and the Organization of Ibero-American States (OEI) have signed a collaboration agreement to carry out cooperative projects in the fields of education, science, and culture.

The OEI operates across Ibero-America, and the projects will be implemented in the countries where Repsol and its foundation are present. The agreement facilitates this collaboration, whose goal is to address the challenges facing the region through actions that promote sustainable social development, in line with the strategy of Repsol and its foundation.

The collaboration between the three entities will have an initial term of four years, and establishes the kinds of activity that will be prioritized: fostering local and regional socioeconomic development through support for talent, entrepreneurship, innovation, training, and research; promoting a more sustainable energy model through the dissemination of knowledge about energy and the responsible use of energy resources; including people who are disabled and/or at risk of social exclusion in all areas of life, thus contributing to an inclusive society with equal opportunities; and supporting early childhood care and intellectual development.

The agreement also encompasses other actions related to education for a changing world: building responsible citizenship; promoting human rights, solidarity, coexistence, and peace; encouraging education based on dialogue, transparency, and continuous improvement; increasing mobility in the educational realm; and promoting higher education and scientific education.

The goal is to begin implementing the agreement as soon as possible. Several projects with a scope of application in Mexico and other countries such as Colombia and Peru are already being considered, and some may commence late this year or in 2019.

The signing of the agreement took place at the Repsol Campus in Madrid, the company headquarters, and was attended by Mariano Jabonero, Secretary General of the OEI, Fernando Ruiz, Director of Sustainability at Repsol, and Ignacio Egea, Vice President of Fundación Repsol.

From left to right: Fernando Ruiz, Director of Sustainability at Repsol, Mariano Jabonero, Secretary General of OEI, and Ignacio Egea, Second Vice President of Fundación Repsol