We integrate our online ordering systems with our client Grupo Armando Álvarez

Chemical News 17/11/2023

We have integrated the SAP ordering system with the Armando Álvarez Group's own system, managing to improve efficiency and agility in the processes. This integration allows our customer to generate an order request and consult its status directly from their own platform, avoiding duplicate manual data entry, which improves the customer experience.

In September 2022, at the request of our client Grupo Armando Álvarez, we began working to find a solution that would avoid duplication of processes and improve the efficiency of its operations.  We have worked almost a year to carry out this integration, and the process was finally completed in July this year.

The integration was implemented in a timely manner and it has meant a significant improvement for our client. Grupo Armando Álvarez has recognized the work carried out by our teams, as it has been a key factor in their commercial relationship with our company. They can request now orders and check their status from their platform without having to manually enter the data again into our system. It allows them to save time and speed up the purchasing process. Furthermore, this project has been designed to be scalable to other clients and with the possibility of immediate delivery.

In the words of Manuel Alonso, from the Armando Álvarez Group's Purchasing Department: "The integration of systems (API: application programming interface) with Repsol has been a success, it greatly facilitates our daily work, avoiding repetitive routines of shipping, control and tracking orders and being able to dedicate this time to other tasks of greater value. We thank our strategic partner for the facilities and predisposition from the first moment with this project, which places Repsol at the forefront in this field worldwide."

This initiative is part of the company's digitalization strategy and is aligned with our 360 Transformation plan, an ambitious project that aims to promote innovation and competitiveness for our Chemicals business.