Repsol and SEUR sign a strategic agreement to advance electric mobility

Press Release 16/03/2023 10:30

Repsol becomes SEUR’s strategic partner in its energy transition and fleet decarbonization process.

The agreement includes the installation and operation of more than 150 recharging points at all the transport company's work centers in Spain.

16 March 2023 - 10:30 CET | PDF | 121.77 KB
Carlos Bermúdez and Itxaso Larrañaga pose in front of two Repsol electric recharging points

Repsol and SEUR have signed a strategic agreement to advance electric mobility in Spain. In this way, the multi-energy company becomes SEUR's strategic partner in its energy transition and the process of decarbonizing its fleet to promote a more sustainable mobility.

Under this agreement, Repsol will install and operate more than 150 recharging points in the 55 work centers that the transport company has throughout the country.

SEUR aims to become the international benchmark for sustainable delivery. To achieve this, the company will carry out deliveries with low-emission vehicles in 64 Spanish cities with more than 50,000 inhabitants by 2025. As of today, 13% of SEUR's fleet is already environmentally friendly and, by 2030, the leading express delivery company plans to incorporate 3,000 electric vehicles.

In addition, as part of this ambitious sustainability strategy, SEUR has deployed a pioneering program for measuring air quality in Madrid and several other European cities. This program uses sensors installed in delivery vehicles, pickup stores, and urban hubs, using Pollutrack laser technology to measure the quality of particles in the air, in real time and street by street.

Repsol currently has one of the most important electric recharging networks in the country, with more than 1,200 public access recharging points installed, of which more than 530 are operational. In this sense, the multi-energy company is deploying the network in an intelligent way, with the installation of recharging points in strategic locations, using criteria of capillarity and interest for users of electric vehicles, and accompanying the demand for this type of vehicle.

For Carlos Bermúdez, Electric Mobility Manager at Repsol, "this agreement with SEUR, one of the most important transport companies in this country, reinforces our commitment to electric mobility and helps us continue developing a large recharging network for electric vehicles in Spain. It also consolidates Repsol as a multi-energy company that is committed to all the alternatives available to decarbonize transport, such as electric mobility, renewable fuels, and hydrogen. Repsol remains committed to the goal of achieving zero net emissions by 2050, being the first company in its sector to adopt this ambitious goal."

For Itxaso Larrañaga, SEUR's Director of People and Sustainability, "this alliance with Repsol reflects our ambitious sustainability strategy and our firm commitment to the environment. At SEUR, we strive every day to offer increasingly sustainable deliveries. Therefore, this agreement allows us to consolidate our position as the international benchmark in sustainable delivery."