Repsol and Bolt reach agreement to boost electric mobility in Spain

Press Release 21/02/2023 10:57
  • The agreement will facilitate the energy transition of small fleets and self-employed VTC and cab drivers operating with Bolt, thanks to the comprehensive recharging service offered by Repsol with the guarantee that the origin of the electricity is 100% renewable
  • The multi-energy company offers fleets and self-employed drivers, that participate in the new benefits program Bolt VIP, a turnkey solution for the installation of recharging points and supply at their homes and offices, as well as very significant discounts on Repsol's extensive public recharging network.
  • Repsol currently has more than 1,200 public recharging points installed, of which more than 520 are operational.

21 February 2023 - 12:00 CET | PDF | 171.81 KB

Repsol has signed a strategic agreement with Bolt to accelerate the transition to electric mobility for small fleets and self-employed VTC and cab drivers operating with Bolt. In this way, Repsol becomes Bolt's approved energy supplier with a comprehensive recharging service and with the guarantee that the origin of the electricity is 100% renewable.

This agreement will begin to be rolled out in the Spanish cities of Madrid, Barcelona, Malaga-Costa del Sol, and Seville and will later be extended to other cities in the country. Through the agreement, the multienergy company offers a turnkey solution for the installation of recharge points and supply in homes and offices, as well as very relevant discounts in any of Repsol's public recharge points to fleets and selfemployed drivers that are part of the new Bolt VIP program, an exclusive program that offers important advantages in a wide range of essential services for the development of the activity. In addition, all fleets and self-employed drivers who sign up for Repsol's home electricity tariff will receive 50% of the recharge price.

Bolt VIP represents another step in the construction of a community in Spain, within the Bolt platform, to continue advancing and improving innovation within the VTC sector in the country. In the current economic climate, Bolt VIP is a clear support to small fleets and self-employed drivers working with the company, and it demonstrates the commitment that it has with them to help protecting their income and ensure their daily work.

Repsol currently has more than 1,200 public charging points installed, of which more than 520 are operational. The majority is located at service stations, thus, positioning the multi-energy company as the leader in fast charging at service stations in the country. 

Carlos Bermúdez, Repsol's Electric Mobility Manager, said that "this strategic agreement with Bolt is another step forward in Repsol's commitment to electric mobility in Spain. In addition, this alliance consolidates our position as a multi-energy company, a leader in mobility that is committed to the goal of achieving zero net emissions by 2050, being the first company in the sector to adopt this ambitious goal.” 

"We are pleased to have reached this agreement with Repsol. It will allow us to offer our partners advantages to help them in the development of their daily activity and will also have an impact on the promotion of electric mobility in the VTC and cab sector in Spain. With this alliance, we seek to facilitate access to the electrification of vehicles to continue working for an increasingly sustainable and innovative sector. This agreement is part of our new Bolt VIP program, an initiative designed to shield the economic stability of fleet owners and self-employed drivers for the future, despite the uncertain economic context, to continue growing with us and improving the quality of service to the user," said Daniel Georges, director of VTC and Taxis in Bolt Spain.

About Bolt

Bolt is the European super-app with more than 100 million customers in over 45 countries and more than 500 cities in Europe and Africa. The company aims to accelerate the transition from car ownership to shared mobility by offering better alternatives for each use case, such as ridesharing, car and scooter sharing, as well as food and grocery delivery.

Bolt offers micro-mobility services in more than 170 cities in 20 countries in Europe.

Bolt is the largest micro-mobility provider in Europe. 

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About Repsol

Repsol is a global multi-energy company that is leading the energy transition. It has set itself the goal of becoming a net zero emissions company by 2050. It is present throughout the energy value chain, it employs 24,000 people, and it distributes its products in more than 90 countries to 24 million customers. 

The company can meet any energy and mobility needs of consumers, with a customer-centric offering. It is at the forefront of developing sustainable solutions for mobility, with increasingly efficient fuels, electric recharging, renewable fuels (advanced biofuels and synthetic fuels), AutoGas, and natural gas for vehicles.

To achieve net zero emissions by 2050, Repsol is committed to a model that integrates all decarbonization technologies, based on improving efficiency, increasing its renewable electricity generation capacity, the production of renewable fuels, the development of new solutions for customers, the circular economy, and the promotion of cutting-edge projects to reduce the industry's carbon footprint.

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