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Repsol and Honda renew their technological alliance through 2022

  • The Spanish energy company and the Japanese vehicle manufacturer, partners for the last 26 years in the world’s premier motorcycling championship, extend their collaboration for a further two years, until 2022.
  • Repsol and Honda will continue to work together to improve their products in the challenging testing ground of the MotoGP. The lessons learned in competition are transferred to all the products that the two companies offer their clients.
  • The relationship between Repsol and Honda goes beyond a sponsorship arrangement, and it is based on the close technological association between the HRC Laboratories in Saitama (Japan) and the Repsol Technology Lab in Mostoles (Madrid, Spain).
Press release
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Repsol Honda team milestones infographic

Repsol and the Honda Racing Corporation (HRC) have renewed their partnership agreement for the Moto GP until 2022. This will extend the successful relationship of the Spanish energy company and the Japanese manufacturer with the premier world motorcycling championship to a full 28 years.

The Executive Director of External Relations at Repsol, Begoña Elices, and the President of HRC, Yoshishige Nomura, have signed the renewal agreement that establishes that Repsol will continue being the primary sponsor of the official Honda team in the MotoGP as well as the supplier of the fuels and lubricants that the Repsol Honda motorcycles use.

The relationship between these two global companies is based on a common effort to achieve excellence, that is to say, victory in the circuits all around the world and also in the development of their products. The close working partnership between the Repsol Technology Lab, located in Móstoles (Spain), and the HRC laboratories in Saitama (Japan), has resulted in a winning formula based on innovation, the application of the latest technology, and continuous improvement.

Along the same lines, Repsol, in accordance with its commitment to become a net zero emissions company by 2050, is now developing different low-carbon solutions for all mobility options, including top-level competition.

For next season, the Repsol Technology Lab will develop and produce approximately 30,000 liters of gasoline and 5,000 liters of lubricants for the official MotoGP team; for the pre-season tests as well as for the Grand Prix events and the development tests at Saitama.

This renewal represents a reaffirmation of Repsol's commitment to the world of sports. The presence of the Spanish energy company in the competition dates back to 1969 and goes far beyond the concept of sports sponsorships itself. It is based on a commitment to learning, improving day after day, and continuing to give one’s all, whatever the situation being faced. These values have crystalized in the alliance with HRC throughout these 26 years of continuous challenges. For more than a quarter of a century, both Repsol and Honda have shown that they share the same philosophy of teamwork, based on mutual respect and the spirit of improvement.

To Begoña Elices, the agreement reached with HRC “is proof of the strength of our alliance, especially in the current international climate caused by the coronavirus pandemic.” “To Repsol, the technological factor is key, and this historic relationship has provided a lot of innovation and collaboration. Together we have achieved great sporting goals, and we have also made our products evolve towards excellence. Continuing to advance along this successful path, always at the service of society, is what drives us to continue to improve day after day,” she said.

Meanwhile, Yoshishige Nomura highlights the value of the teamwork that Honda and Repsol have developed together. “It is always a satisfaction to extend our collaboration with Repsol, this latest renewal for two more years. Together we have achieved incredible success and form a partnership that is unique in motorsport,” he declared.