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Work-life balance and flexibility

Balance and well-being

Committed to our employees: Ariadna's experience

At Repsol, we want our employees to enjoy a fulfilling life both inside and outside the office. Like Ariadna who, thanks to our work-life balance initiatives, can successfully combine her family life with her work in a lab. Every day, we try to improve our work methods in order to achieve the same results while being more flexible. In 2017, the Diversity and Work-Life Balance Committee set new goals for improving employees' work-life balance. Also, the month of November witnessed the signing of the 9th Framework Agreement to further promote these initiatives.

Our initiatives

(available depending on the requirements and location of each position)

Looking out for our employees
Work flexibility
Your Time Bank
Flexible working hours
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More than 2,000 employees in different corporate and industrial areas are participating in Repsol’s teleworking program, and 35% of them are men. Teleworking has numerous benefits, such as saving employees their daily commute and better organization of tasks, with a positive knock-on effect on productivity and motivation. At Repsol, there are several ways to telework: one or two days, 20% working days, or two afternoons plus Friday.
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Looking out for our employees

In 2017, we updated our basic work-life balance concepts at Repsol to adapt them to the legal requirements, uses, and customs in every country. The goal was for all our employees worldwide to enjoy a greater balance between their personal and professional lives. Among other aspects, a review was made of maternity, paternity, and breastfeeding leave, as well as days off for marriages and deaths in the family.
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Work flexibility

We don't believe in a mandatory physical presence at the workplace. At Repsol, we believe that work should be focused on achieving goals. This is why we have a long-standing flexibility policy to link our work to results.
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Your Time Bank

Time is gold, and at Repsol we're very much aware of this. Your Time Bank is one of our star initiatives at the Campus in Madrid.

Company employees can delegate some cumbersome chores that eat up their time such as picking up a jacket from the dry cleaner's, taking the car to the shop, or renewing your ID card.

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Flexible working hours

Do you have to take your kid to school every morning? No problem. Do you have an errand to run during office hours? No problem there, either. At Repsol, we offer you flexible start and finish times.

Our numbers back us up

For some time, we've been regarded as an international benchmark thanks to our trailblazing policies regarding flexibility and work-life balance and for promoting new work methods that facilitate this balance.
  • 2,000


    Sometimes the best thing
    for your work-life balance
    is not going to the office.
    That's why our
    teleworking program involves
    more than 2,000 employees
    around the world.
    One of our
    star initiatives.
  • 8,27/10


    Assessment is key
    for us as its lets
    us know what our
    employees think.
    In the last satisfaction
    study, our teleworking
    program got a score
    of 8.27 out of 10.
    A tremendous success.
  • 83%

    recommend Repsol

    When you give, you get a little bit back. Thanks to our commitment to our employees and to helping them find a balance between a successful career and a healthy personal life, 83% of our employees would recommend Repsol as a place to work.