Work-life balance and flexibility

We are committed to new ways of working. New ways of working provide you with the opportunity to learn in a trusting and inclusive environment, connect through increasingly digital settings using collaborative tools, and evolve towards an entrepreneurial and innovative mindset, with a focus on the customer, to ensure the future. We believe in telecommuting as a tool to provide greater flexibility to committed individuals while considering the needs of the team, colleagues, and the department. To achieve this, we established a Diversity and Work-Life Balance Committee and signed the IX Framework Agreement, which reflects our commitment to these initiatives

Researchers looking at a sample in a lab

Promoting excellence in research

We began the application process for the HR Excellence in Research Award granted by the European Commission. The goal is to keep promoting a favorable work environment and enable researchers to carry out their work in the best conditions by adapting human resources policies to the European Charter & Code principles for researchers.