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A label: Highest rating for eco-friendly electricity

Highest rating awarded to our eco-friendly power generation

The Spanish National Commission on Markets and Competition (CNMC) awarded us the highest rating – the A certificate – for the environmentally friendly origin of the electricity we market: 93.5% renewable, with a guarantee of origin, and 6.5% low-emissions energy. This makes us the only major retailer to be awarded this certificate in the past year.
Map of Repsol's electricity generation assets
We expanded our renewables portfolio and at the same time increased by 3,000 MW our low-emissions electricity generation capacity objective for 2025, until reaching 7,500 MW.
Madre e hija leen bajo la luz de la lámpara en el sofá. Repsol Electricidad y Gas.

1.3 million customers in Spain

We have consolidated ourselves as a global multi-energy provider and as leading player in electricity and natural gas in Spain thanks to our low-emissions assets and a well-established customer portfolio.

At the forefront of biofuel development

We contribute to reducing CO2 through the production of biofuels derived from urban, agricultural, and industrial waste. We study different industrial processes (hydrogeneration, fermentation, pyrolysis) to transform used cooking oil, grease, solid urban waste, plastics, and used tires into clean fuels.
  • 20+ years

    incorporating biofuels into our fuel offer.
  • 90%

    savings in emissions compared to other automotive fuels.
  • 2+ t/year in 2030

    high-quality biofuel production made from vegetable oils.