The jurist Antonio Hernandez-Gil will abandon the board in accordance with recommendations from the Unified Good Governance Code

Repsol will propose the incorporation of María Isabel Gabarró to the board as an independent member

Press Release 25/03/2009 00:00
  • Repsol (NYSE: REP) enters the US and Canadian natural gas markets with significant supply capabilities for local distribution companies, power generators and other retailers. 
  • The LNG facility has a firm sendout capacity of 1 Bcf/day, enough to heat 5 million homes. 
  • Canaport is the first to be completed of Repsol’s ten strategic projects included in the 2008-2012 Strategic Plan.  
  • It is the first land-based LNG receiving and re-gas terminal built on the east coast of North America in 30 years and the first LNG receiving and re-gas terminal in Canada. 
  • Repsol partnered with Irving Oil Limited, owner of Canada’s largest oil refinery in the construction and operation of the Canaport LNG receiving and re-gas terminal. 
  • “The Canaport project demonstrates our ability to develop and construct complex energy projects,” said Repsol Chairman Antonio Brufau.      

25 March 2009 - 12:00 CET | PDF | 34.29 KB

Following a proposal from the Nomination and Compensation Committee, Repsol’s board agreed today to propose to shareholders at the May 14th annual general meeting the appointment of Maria Isabel Gabarro Miquel as an independent member of the board. 

Maria Isabel Gabarro Miquel would fill the vacancy caused by the resignation of Antonio Hernandez-Gil, who will give up his seat as independent board member at the AGM, following a recommendation from the Unified Good Governance Code regarding the maximum tenure of independent members (Hernandez-Gil has been on the board since June 6th 1997).

The proposal to appoint Maria Isabel Gabarro Miquel is in accordance with the company’s policy to include on its board experienced national and international representatives of the energy sector who are outstanding in their profession. A working public notary, Maria Isabel Gabarro has sat on the board of large energy, financial infrastructure, telecommunications and real-estate companies.

During the board’s meeting, Repsol’s Executive Chairman Antonio Brufau expressed his full support for the proposal and thanked Antonio Hernandez-Gil for his dedication contribution and loyalty to the company during his years as board member, and also for his initiative and example regarding transparency and good governance.

Proposed makeup of the Board

Executive Chairman

  • Antonio Brufau Niubó


  • Luis Fernando del Rivero Asensio
  • Isidre Fainé Casas

Board Members

  • Juan Abelló Gallo
  • Paulina Beato Blanco
  • Artur Carulla Font
  • Luis Carlos Croissier Batista
  • Carmelo de las Morenas López
  • Ángel Durández Adeva
  • Javier Echenique Landiribar
  • María Isabel Gabarró Miquel
  • José Manuel Loureda Mantiñán
  • Juan María Nin Genova
  • Pemex Internacional España, S.A. (Representada por Raúl Cardoso Maycotte)
  • Henri Philippe Reichstul
  • Luis Suárez de Lezo Mantilla


Obtains Law Degree at the University of Barcelona in 1976.

Notary registered with the Barcelona Bar. Joins the Bar of Notaries in 1979. Board member of Caixa d’Estalvis i Pensions de Barcelona as well as listed companies including Fuerzas Electricas de Cataluña (Fecsa), Inmobiliaria Colonial, Gas Natural and Abertis.

Member of the Sociedad Economica Barcelonesa de Amigos del País. Collaboration on numerous legal publications.