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Five tips for preparing for a job interview

The first step in a career path

Even though an interview may make you feel anxious, it's a golden opportunity to show off your charm and win them over with your talent.


Preparing for a job interview is important because it helps boost your self-confidence, allows you to demonstrate your strengths, and gives you the chance to stand out from other candidates. 

Entering the job market or improving your professional situation is a matter that largely depends on how you approach a job interview. This phase of the selection process is a golden opportunity to captivate recruiters. This is precisely one of the reasons why it often causes stress. It's at the interview that employers have the ability to assess your skills, experience, and capabilities in more detail to determine if you're suitable for the position at stake. Although the selection process is often competitive and can therefore lead to stress, the truth is that it's also the best time to show your worth.

Preparation helps you be more confident and effectively answer the questions asked during the interview. Do you want to learn how to ace a job interview? Here is a short selection with some essential tips. 

Tips for a job interview

  1. Research the company

    Among the many tips for a job interview that you can't forget to put into practice, this one is undeniably one of the essential ones. No matter if it's the position or the conditions that have caught your attention, finding out as much as you can about the company, including its culture, values, products, services, and any relevant information will help you better understand the work environment. You will then be able to develop a speech aligned with the company's interests while highlighting your own skills and interests as a professional.

  2. Analyze and understand the job position

    Carefully reading the job description to make sure you don't miss anything is another tip you should apply to ensure a good job interview. Make sure you're clear on the responsibilities and skills required. Look for specific examples based on your experience that you can bring up on the day of your appointment. Focusing on your experiences and achievements that are related to the position will not only help you feel confident, but it will be key to demonstrating your ability to meet challenges.

  3. Believe in yourself and be natural

    When preparing for a job interview, it may be helpful to know that there are some questions that are commonly asked. It's not a matter of knowing the answers like the back of your hand, but rather knowing them so that you can reply calmly and not let your nerves get the best of you. What can you tell me about yourself? Why do you want to change jobs? What are your main strengths or why do you think you are the ideal candidate for the job? These are just some examples of questions that recruiters may ask you. Remember that if you apply for a position, it's because you're ready for it, and these questions are just part of a process in which self-confidence and naturalness will be your best allies.

  4. Prepare any possible questions for the interviewer

    Many recruiters give you the option to ask any question you may have at the end of the session. However, if you find the right moment during the session, and it comes out naturally, you can also ask without interrupting the interviewer. It's a perfect moment to more directly express your interest in getting the job. Asking more about the day-to-day life in the company, what the best thing about working there is, or what will be the next steps in the selection process are just some examples that you can ask to succeed in a job interview.

  5. Think about your strengths, be authentic, and manage your nerves

    Getting to your appointment on time, respecting the organization's dress code, and being aware of your non-verbal communication are other essential basic tips in any job interview guide. The key, in any case, is to show your true personality and be authentic during the interview. Being yourself will help you feel more comfortable and establish a genuine connection with the interviewer. This will help you feel confident and make it easier to control your nerves before, during, and after the interview.
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Opportunities for young talent at Repsol

More than experience when it comes to preparing for a job interview, young talent is a key pillar within any organization. In general, these profiles bring a fresh mindset and innovative perspective to the table. They're also often familiar with the latest technology, tend to be agile and quick to adapt to change, are full of energy and enthusiasm, and have a motivation that can be contagious and add to an energetic, goal-oriented company culture.

The contribution of young talent to companies is just as valuable as the opportunities for professional growth and development that they provide to junior professionals. "I chose Repsol because it's a company with a great future where I knew that I'd be able to develop professionally and get ahead much faster," says Beatriz Almenara, a participant in the company's scholarship program. Also, Carlota Comeiro, another scholarship recipient at Repsol, shares a similar opinion: "If there's anyone that's hesitating to apply for an internship, I'd tell them to go for it. In the end, it's the best choice you can make to push yourself, and there's a lot of knowledge that you don't gain in college."

Both young women are part of the 2023 Talent Energy Program. "From the start, my mentors placed a lot of trust in me. That's something that has helped me a lot to develop with ease and to value my strengths and those of my colleagues so that we can complement each other," admits Comeiro. The young physicist says that the idea of experiencing the energy transition from within "was an opportunity I couldn't pass up."

Flexible working hours, mentored and personalized internships, continuous training, complementary activities, and more is what a company like Repsol that's committed to its teams offers. In fact, 30% of the students who completed scholarship and internship programs at Repsol joined its workforce. If you're looking for a company where you can develop your talent and learn, that's innovative, respectful of people and the environment, and where you will certainly not get bored, take note of these tips for a job interview, and discover the employment opportunities that Repsol has to offer.