Amounting to 5% of the company’s shares

Singapores Temasek buys Repsol’s treasury shares for 1.036 billion euros

Press Release 04/03/2013 15:45
  • Repsol has sold its treasury shares, amounting to 5% of the company’s stock, to Singapore’s Temasek for 1.036 billion euros. Together with existing shareholdings in Repsol, Temasek now owns 6.3% of Repsol’s outstanding shares.
  • The deal is the largest Singaporean investment in Spain and is a reflection of the confidence that international investors have in Repsol’s growth strategy and its attractiveness as an investment. 
  • Temasek is one of the largest and most renowned investment companies in the world, with holdings worth more than 115 billion euros. Temasek is known for taking long-term positions that make up its international portfolio of equities investments.
  • “We are very pleased to have amongst our shareholders an investor  as significant and prestigious as Temasek with what we believe this represents in terms of recognition and support for the company’s management and  growth strategy,” said Repsol  Chairman Antonio Brufau.

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