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  • We promote disruptive projects and new businesses to keep us at the forefront of the energy sector

    For Repsol, the digital transformation is a means, not an end. Our work is based on a variety of technologies which we use as tools to help us improve. Springboards such as Big Data, IoT, omnichannel strategies, robotization, and blockchain help our professionals design digital products and services that directly benefit our customers.
  • Cross-Company transformation

    What if we optimize our value chain?

    We continue to innovative in our business units, increasing our efficiency and sustainability while building ever-closer relationships with our customers. We are committed to continuous improvement and we use digitalization in all stages of our value chain as a tool to achieve this.
  • An organizational challenge

    We have created 10 technology HUBS that act across the entire company

    Our more than 190 initiatives currently underway are possible thanks to people changing their way of doing things and adopting new methodologies to become more agile, as well as working in multidisciplinary, cross-company teams that incorporate talent and new digital roles.
  • Open innovation: a philosophy and a reality

    What if we work together to drive the sector's transformation?

    We work closely with over 40 partners — including major tech companies such as Microsoft and Safesforce — to promote the development of an innovative ecosystem surrounding the world of energy.