Digitalizing the energy business

For us, the digital transformation is a key driver that contributes to sustainability. reducing emissions, and advancing in decarbonization. We rely on a variety of technologies that we use as tools to optimize our operations and processes. Big data, artificial intelligence, IoT, RPA, omnichannel strategies, robotization, and blockchain help our professionals design new digital products and services that directly benefit our customers.

Cross-company transformation

We continue to innovate in our business units by becoming more efficient and sustainable, while building ever-closer relationships with our customers through new experiences aimed at the unique digital customer to whom we deliver a personalized offer tailored to their needs.

An organizational challenge

We have created nine technology hubs built to work across the entire company. Our more than 280 initiatives currently underway are possible thanks to people who are changing their way of doing things and adopting new methodologies to become more agile, as well as working in multidisciplinary, cross-company teams that incorporate talent and new digital roles.

Wind turbines with technology pictograms

What if we collaborated to drive the transformation of the sector?

We jointly work with more than 60 partners including big tech companies like Microsoft and Salesforce to promote an innovative energy ecosystem.