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Business Ethics

At Repsol, we hold ourselves to the highest standards when it comes to how we do business.

Our global Code of Ethics & Business Conduct outlines how we work and ensures our actions are aligned with our corporate values of integrity, responsibility, transparency, flexibility and innovation.

Global Code of Ethics & Business Conduct.

Our Ethics & Compliance Channel provides a way for stakeholders to anonymously submit comments about Repsol’s business practices or report potential violations of our Code of Ethics & Business Conduct. This feedback is very important to us because it helps us understand the things we’re doing right, and areas where we can improve.

Ethics & Compliance Channel

Also, as part of its ongoing efforts and commitment to Compliance, Repsol has developed a Criminal Compliance Manual designed to help employees understand more specifically what actions and behaviors could subject Repsol to criminal liability and to describe what is expected of employees in order to help mitigate that risk.

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