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Innovation & Technology

At Repsol, innovation is a key element in our strategy to build a more efficient, secure and sustainable energy model. We employ technological innovation in all of our processes throughout the company, to find better solutions to the challenges we face.

In Houston, we provide innovative global technical support for Repsol’s many challenging exploration and production campaigns around the world.


Repsol’s Geophysics Division, headquartered in Houston, provides through its R&D activity, technological solutions in the field of geophysics tailored to specific company needs in exploration and production. This includes design of geophysical data acquisition surveys, time and depth imaging, non-seismic methods and reservoir characterization.

The geophysics team primarily supports Repsol’s exploration projects, and also plays a key role on some producing assets in the company’s portfolio. The group works closely with our exploration and upstream asset teams on projects around the world.

Global Offshore Drilling

Repsol’s Global Offshore Drilling & Completion Division, also headquartered in Houston, supports the company’s international offshore exploration and production projects. 

Repsol is a leader in global offshore drilling with strategic positions in the deepwater Gulf of Mexico, offshore Brazil and in the Caribbean. The company has made some of the world’s largest offshore discoveries in recent years, including in the deepwater Campos Basin offshore Brazil.

Houston Technology Hub

The Technology Hub opened in 2011 as a complement to the Repsol Technology Center (RTC) in Madrid.

Here, our research teams collaborate with upstream project leaders to develop innovative solutions using new and advanced technology. These initiatives are primarily focused in the areas of advanced characterization, geomechanics, dynamic simulation, project management and technological support.The Technology Hub supports onshore and offshore exploration and production campaigns around the world.

The technology hub concept encourages collaboration between Repsol’s various business units, as well as with our partners. This unique working methodology brings together experts from all stages of a project to maximize efficiencies and results.