Repsol Efitec 100 Neotech

Our Repsol Efitec 100 Neotech gasoline is the highest octane fuel on the market and is inspired by the gasolines designed by Repsol for use in competition.

This allows us to reduce consumption and CO2 emissions by over 18% under demanding operating conditions in optimized engines (high compression ratio).

Repsol has been improving the efficiency of its fuels for years, always staying one step ahead of EU regulations. Working together, the automobile industry has managed to reduce nitrogen oxide and particulate emissions by 90% over the last 25 years.


At Repsol, we have been using biofuels in our motor fuels for over 20 years.

On average, 6% of the energy content of our gasoline and diesel sold in Spain comes from biofuels. By 2020, this figure will increase to 8.5%.


AutoGas is the most widely-used alternative transport fuel in Spain.

Repsol leads the sale and distribution of AutoGas on the Spanish market with 732 public supply points, 400 of which are in service stations.

AutoGas allows us to reduce CO2 emissions by 15% and NOx emissions by 68%, as well of up to 100% of particulate matter, with respect to traditional fuels.

AutoGas vehicles have the ECO sticker put in place by Spanish General Directorate of Traffic (DGT), a reference point for traffic regulations in cities that allows them to drive without restrictions.

The number of AutoGas vehicles on the roads has doubled in the past two years, going from 40,000 to almost 100,000.

Electric Mobility

We have 1,700 electric vehicle charging stations, 200 of which can be accessed by the public. It is the most extensive public charging network in Spain.

We currently have 33 quick charge points in our service station network, making us the leader in quick charging stations in Spain.

We have the first ultra quick charging station on the Iberian Peninsula, in Lopidana (Álava), which charges vehicles in five to ten minutes. Repsol will make this technology available at four other stations in 2019.

100% of the electricity used to charge the vehicles is renewable, which helps reduce the carbon footprint.

Repsol's objective with electric mobility is to guarantee a supply of energy where vehicles are charged, whether at home, at work, in public, in service stations, etc.


In collaboration with Kia Motors, we launched WiBLE, a new carsharing operator that boosts sustainable mobility in Madrid and the city’s suburbs with plug-in hybrid vehicles.

This service has a fleet of 500 plug-in hybrids and more than 75,000 users.

The service goes far beyond the city’s other carsharing services thanks to the vehicles’ greater range, comfort, and safety.

Corporate carsharing

Our corporate carsharing service has more than 700 registered users, who have traveled over 200,000 miles in these low-emissions vehicles.

Corporate Carsharing

We have a corporate carsharing service comprised of six 100% electric vehicles and six AutoGas vehicles.

The service is available to all employees and can be used for any work-related trips.

There are more than 700 registered users who have traveled more than 186,400 miles in these low emissions vehicles.

Innovative startups

Through the Corporate Venturing fund, we are investing in cutting-edge energy sector start-ups to drive progress in the mobility industry:

AMPLE developed a pioneering charging system that allows a vehicle’s battery to be charged in minutes.

Wesmartpark has created a platform that allows private parking spaces to be shared, so that owners can make the most of their spaces when they are not using them in non-peak times with sensor technology based on the Internet of Things (IoT).

Silence designs, develops, and manufactures high-efficiency electric scooters, in addition to its own battery management system.

DriveSmart is developing an app that analyzes driver and car data to improve driving and safety.

Begas is a company that transforms, designs, and manufactures engines that are 100% powered by AutoGas.