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We are a multienergy company that provides useful, everyday products and services to society, o ering new energy solutions. We are committed to designing the energy of the future and helping society grow in a sustainable manner, through innovative management, digitalization, and technology.

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The Upstream area is focused on the exploration and production of oil and natural gas.

  • Upstream's adjusted net income in 2017: 632 million euros.

  • We have a balanced asset portfolio centered on strategic production areas such as North America, Southeast Asia, and Latin America.

  • Exploration & Production projects in 31 countries.

  • Average net production: ~700 thousand barrels of oil equivalent per day.

  • Net proved reserves: 2.355 billion barrels of oil equivalent in 2017.

  • Percentage of gas in our asset portfolio: 63% of production and 74% of reserves.

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Supply and trading of crude and products, oil refining, production and marketing of oil and petrochemical products, marketing of liquefied natural gas, and the generation and marketing of low-emissions electricity.

  • A net adjusted income of 1.877 billion euros in 2017.

  • 7.9% rise in the refining margin indicator in Spain.

  • 7.9% increase in petroleum product sales.

  • + 4,700 service stations worldwide.

  • We distribute lubricants and petrochemical products to over 90 countries.

  • 20% increase in natural gas sales in North America.

  • 2.5 billion euro investment in low-emissions businesses from 2018-2020.

  • 8.1% increase in sales of AutoGas in Spain.

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Our commitments to a sustainable future

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2018-2020 Strategic Plan: growth and value creation

Repsol's strategy is based on three pillars: increasing shareholder returns, profitable growth of the Upstream and Downstream businesses, and making progress toward the energy transition through new initiatives.

Increasing shareholder returns

  • Dividend per share 8% p.a. growth with full buyback of shares.

  • Dividend target fully covered at $50/bbl.

  • CFFO dividend coverage to grow from 3.9x in 2017 to 4.3x in 2020.

  • Sustainable long term pay-out.

Growing our portfolio profitably

  • Growth across all value-creation metrics, at any oil price.

  • Downstream activated as asset-light growth engine.

  • Upstream delivering performance improvement and portfolio upgrade.

  • Strong pipeline of attractive growth projects in both divisions.

Thriving in the energy transition

  • Develop long term options.

  • Leverage our competitive advantages.

  • Reduce carbon footprint.

  • Build new capabilities.

Financial flexibility

2018-2020 Strategic Plan
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