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Marine Services


About us

Responsible for all of our trading, supply, sales, and transport operations related to crude oil, with maximum quality and efficiency.

Marine Terminals

Maritime terminals

Detailed information about Docks controlled by the Repsol Group.


Repsol Vetting

Guaranteeing the quality and safety of the vessels that transport loads for the Repsol Group and/or operate in terminals belonging to the Group.

Offshore Vetting

In charge of guaranteeing the quality and safety of the Offshore vessels that could be used by the Repsol Group.

Marine and Fishing

Repsol Mar e+

Learn about all of the advantages and characteristics of the fuels sold by Repsol, designed and developed especially for the marine sector.

Vetting Fluvial

In charge of guaranteeing the quality and safety of the inland barges which could be used by Repsol.

Marine lubricants

Discover marine lubricants, designed to meet the most demanding customer requirements.

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