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Agriculture, marine and aviation


Repsol Aviation

We provide aircrafts with the most comprehensive fuel and the technical support that our clients require.

Specialised products

Specialised products

We develop waxes, paraffin, oils, solvents and base lubricants for the needs of different industries.



At Repsol we contribute to improving the quality of life of people through the development and application of chemical products.

Butane and propane gas

Repsol gas

Repsol gas offers versatility, economy and quality because we offer a different solution for each necessity.


Repsol Lubricants

We offer a range of motor oils and lubricants specialised in agriculture and marine industries.

Petrols, gas oils and fuel oils

Petrols, gas oils, fuel oils and petcoke

Our fuels are developed with advanced technology and are the result of our research.

Marine services

Marine services

We have a solution tailored to the needs of our clients with a professional and specialised service.



Repsol cards offer great benefits and additional services for all of our professional clients.

All solutions for:

Customer access

  • A world of advantages
  • Fast, safe and effective
  • Completely free


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