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Open air, camping and caravans

With Repsol Gas you will have the energy you need just outside your home...

If you want to go farther away from the city and get in touch with nature, you don't have to give up the best cooking. With Repsol Gas, you can have quick energy with a high heating power to enjoy food's natural flavour.

With Repsol Gas, your camper van will feel like your own home because you will have heating, hot water and a kitchen like always, instantly and with precise heat regulation.

Chargrilled chicken, paella... open air cooking with your friends using gas barbecues and paella pans. You can heat food more quickly therefore conserving more of its nutrients. Furthermore, you will be free from the smoke, smells and dirtiness of traditional barbecues. 

With Repsol Gas, you can even enjoy hot summer dinners in the middle of winter with gas patio heaters. They are the ideal option to warm your guests up because you can heat a table for six people with just one heater. If you prefer to gaze upon gas heat, there are also portable chimneys with flames and a campfire imitation.   

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