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What is AutoGas?

What is AutoGas?

Repsol AutoGas, the new fuel for your vehicle, is an economical alternative with several benefits.

Advantages of Autogas

Ventajas de AutoGas

Discover the financial, environmental and technical advantages of using Repsol AutoGas in your vehicle.

Uses of AutoGas

Usos del AutoGas

AutoGas is a fuel with many uses that can be used in different means of transport.

Frequently asked questions

Preguntas más frecuentes de AutoGas

Find out about Repsol's new fuel: manufacturers, points of sale and technical information.

AutoGas Calculator

Find out how much you can save if you switch to AutoGas in your vehicle.

All solutions for:

Financial assistance with the Movea Plan

Plan Movea

The Movea Plan offers subsidies to help you purchase your own AutoGas vehicle.

AutoGas Calculator

Descubre cómo ahorrar hasta un 40% en carburante con Repsol AutoGas - Calcula tu ahorro aquí

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