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Solred Vía T

It's an innovative system to gain speed at toll booths

Enjoy all the Repsol innovation with Solred Vía T, an innovative way of paying electronically which saves you time and provides you with safety and reliability. 

Don’t hesitate, start using Solred VIA T and you’ll come out ahead. 

Forget about cash 

Solred VIA T is the electronic motorway payment system which SOLRED is marketing and with which you can gain speed and convenience on your journeys. To use this system you’ll need a Solred VIA T electronic device which you must fit onto the windscreen of your vehicle. When you pass through the reader located at the toll entrance, the barrier opens, without the need to stop the vehicle or drop the window down to make the payment. 

Advantages of using Solred VIA T 

  • Speed: The antenna will read the data in the device on the windscreen of your vehicle, without the need to stop. 
  • Convenience: All of the transactions you make with this system will be invoiced and detailed monthly on your SOLRED bill. 
  • Security and control: The advanced technology of this payment system guarantees maximum security and control of your transactions. 
  • Exclusivity: exclusive lanes for users of Solred VIA T 
  • National coverage: The payment system is implemented across almost the entire Spanish motorway network.    

How do I get the Solred VIA T service? 

It's very simple. Simply call the SOLRED information line on 902 136 137. 

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