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Give a tree

Forests are essential to life on Earth, making reforestation a process of very great importance. Would you like to help make this practice more widespread?


Sustainable Universities

In universities all over the world, sustainability is not an option: it is promoted on a daily basis in order to achieve maximum efficiency. Do you know which ones are the most committed? A Spanish university ranks among the top 15.


More sustainable tyres

In its efforts to promote energy efficiency and protect the environment, the European Union (EU) is backing ecological labelling for tyres. What does it consist of? Read on to find out.


What does a sustainable city need?

A large part of the Spanish population lives in big cities; for this reason it is necessary to progress towards a more efficient model. How can this be achieved?


A healthy and sustainable lifestyle

How can we combine these two concepts? Here are some practical tips on the advantages of leading a healthy lifestyle for us and the environment.


Hydrogen fuel cells

Have you ever wondered what the difference is between a conventional battery and a hydrogen fuel cell? Do you know what these fuel cells can offer? Find the answers.


Public transport

How far is it from your home to your work? And to your leisure areas? We live in large cities where our centres of activity are not always nearby. So public transport becomes necessary to get around.


The most sustainable cities in the world

Although some are unaware of this, large "eco-cities" are very much on the agenda, with examples of them to be found in many countries. Get to know them better!