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Give a tree

Forests are essential to life on Earth, making reforestation a process of very great importance. Would you like to help make this practice more widespread?


Take advantage of electromagnetic energy

We are seeing more and more electronic appliances in our day to day lives. At the Georgia Institute of Technology they have now come up with a new system to power them that is based on electromagnetic sources. Learn more and tell us what you think!


What is a "smart city"?

Smart cities are in the spotlight now and are here to show us that it is possible to create a new energy management model and that innovation and development are the best tools we have for ensuring the future of the planet.


How to make a wind turbine

Can you make your own wind turbine? Yes, of course! We are going to tell you about domestic wind generators and Culemborg, the Dutch town that bought a wind turbine for its inhabitants to enjoy.


Energy initiatives awarded

Are you interested in projects that seek solutions to today's energy challenges? Maybe you've heard of Repsol's Inspîre project or the Eurec Awards. If not, discover how they work and find out which projects won awards in recent editions.


Makani project

Wind power is a renewable energy yet it represents just 5% of global energy production. The Makani project and its kite-shaped turbines may help to change that trend. Do you want to know what it is?


Can deserts capture CO2?

It has always been said that trees need nutrients in order to capture CO2, but a study at the University of Hohenheim, Germany, reveals that deserts may also do so. Discover how!


Proyectos Clima

The Ministry of Agriculture, Food and Environment promotes the reduction of greenhouse gases with the Proyectos Clima (Climate Projects) initiative. What does it consist of? Who is taking part? Come and find out!