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Can deserts capture CO2?

It has always been said that trees need nutrients in order to capture CO2, but a study at the University of Hohenheim, Germany, reveals that deserts may also do so. Discover how!


Proyectos Clima

The Ministry of Agriculture, Food and Environment promotes the reduction of greenhouse gases with the Proyectos Clima (Climate Projects) initiative. What does it consist of? Who is taking part? Come and find out!


Symbols of efficiency and sustainability

How do you know if a product or service is environmentally friendly? Before buying, don't forget to look for these symbols of sustainability and efficiency.


What does a sustainable city need?

A large part of the Spanish population lives in big cities; for this reason it is necessary to progress towards a more efficient model. How can this be achieved?



This concept refers to a more intelligent way of evolving, taking into account the world around us. What can we do to achieve this? Here we tell you all about it.


Bags... made from potatoes!

Potato starch bags appeared suddenly and no-one is really sure how they are made or what benefits they have... We'll tell you everything you need to know about them.


Are you ecologically up-to-date?

Do you recycle? Do you use energy efficiently? If your answer is "yes", you're on the right track. Increasing numbers of people are becoming more globally aware. A big step!


Carbon sinks, sources of oxygen

Places with vegetation are also known as sinks, because they are responsible for dissipating all the CO2 generated every day all over the planet. What are the best plants for eliminating it and transforming it into oxygen? Discover them!