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Who consumes most in the home?

Don't worry, we don't want to cause a fight in your home. We just want to show you where most energy is wasted. Stop waste! Discover the guilty parties and stop the problem at the root.


Propane and efficiency in tourism

The “1st Workshops on Energy Efficiency in the Tourist Industry” were held in Huesca on 29 May 2014. During the workshops efficient energy solutions were offered to businesses in the tourist sector. Repsol was the sponsor, and to get to learn a bit more about the event we interviewed Ignacio Leiva, who gave the presentation on behalf of Repsol.


Find out everything about biomass

Biomass can be used in many fields, is easy to produce, helps reduce waste and its use is increasingly more widespread. Want to learn more about it?


Sustainable Universities

In universities all over the world, sustainability is not an option: it is promoted on a daily basis in order to achieve maximum efficiency. Do you know which ones are the most committed? A Spanish university ranks among the top 15.


Energy efficiency laboratories

Classrooms to investigate new forms of energy saving? Universities and colleges unite in the quest for efficiency. A number of centres exist at which these installations can be found and where such studies are carried out.


More efficient ceramic hobs

You want to make a stew. You have a list of ingredients and you know what utensils you're going to use to make it. You know the temperatures and cooking time, but do you know how to save energy while cooking?


Efficient swimming pools

Do you like swimming? Swimming pools are very crowded in summer but they are also very popular in winter. Learn about the latest breakthroughs in energy saving and efficiency.


Sustainable schools

Energy efficiency in schools has now come to stay. A growing number of educational institutions are promoting energy saving in their facilities. Discover how schools can be efficient!