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Give a tree

Forests are essential to life on Earth, making reforestation a process of very great importance. Would you like to help make this practice more widespread?


What is a "smart city"?

Smart cities are in the spotlight now and are here to show us that it is possible to create a new energy management model and that innovation and development are the best tools we have for ensuring the future of the planet.


What does a sustainable city need?

A large part of the Spanish population lives in big cities; for this reason it is necessary to progress towards a more efficient model. How can this be achieved?


Passive house

A house has been built in Brussels that saves 80% of energy. Do you want to know more about it?


How to construct an efficient building

New buildings need to consume less energy while being comfortable for their inhabitants. Find out how they do it and what they are like.


Public transport

How far is it from your home to your work? And to your leisure areas? We live in large cities where our centres of activity are not always nearby. So public transport becomes necessary to get around.


All about recycling centres

Recycling centres are often forgotten in waste management. Have you seen one? Discover where they are and what they do.


Working towards a sustainable community

In the last 18 years, energy consumption in households has increased by about 50%. How about us doing something to reduce it?