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Plastic in our day-to-day lives

Find out more interesting facts about this material that is so useful in our everyday lives.


Smart Thermostats: The evolution of temperature controls

We have long lived with these devices that, without compromising the comfort in our homes, maintain a stable temperature and make it easier to save energy. Thanks to technological innovation, these devices now have even more capabilities, guaranteeing the smart use of energy in our everyday lives.


Find the ideal temperature

You may think your heating device is difficult to use, but regulating it correctly is actually quite simple. Follow these steps and enjoy the warmth of your home in a more efficient way.


Window design influences energy consumption

Windows are not only a decorative element of contact with the outdoors, but they also provide natural light, ventilate our homes, and protect us from the noise and temperature outside. Did you know that having the right type of window can help reduce the energy consumption of your home?


Choosing the right boiler. The best boilers for your home

Each home has heating needs. Condensing boilers are currently the most efficient and the Planes Renove (Renovation Plans) provide incentives for their installation.


Tips to use your car’s heating efficiently

When we drive in cold temperatures in winter, whether our journey is long or short we usually turn the heating on to make it more comfortable. Take note of these tips to help you get the most out of your heating in an efficient, environmentally-friendly way.


Save on heating with thermostatic valves

Heating systems work at full blast during the coldest months of the year, and improving their energy use is of the utmost importance. One device that can help us save energy on heating are thermostatic valves, which can reduce our energy consumption by up to 25%. Want to know how they work?