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Our objective - no accidents

We demand a high level of safety in processes and facilities, paying special attention to protecting people and the surrounding environment.

The company’s Health, Safety and Environment Policy establishes the guidelines that define its strategy on the matter of safety and the environment in all the areas in which it operates.

Prevention is an essential element. That is why we apply stringent measures during the design and maintenance of our facilities, conducting periodic risk analyses following international best practices and ensuring our employees are properly trained.

However, to achieve our objective of zero accidents, in addition to ensuring optimal facilities and processes, we work every day to achieve and strengthen an excellent culture of safety.

That is why Repsol employees individually assume responsibility for safety and the environment, convinced that an individual's safety, that of others and the protection of the environment depends on the individual. We believe that with proper decisions and behavior and management systems, all accidents are avoidable.


Safety and environment culture

We foster our culture of safety with constant activity in the areas of information, training and awareness.

Incident management

We investigate incidents and identify the causes in order to implement improvement actions and generate learning lessons.

Risk management

Rigourously assessing safety risks in all phases of a project or an activity, which is essential for prevention.

Case studies

Discover Repsol’s good practices where it invests significant human and economic resources with the aim of adopting best practices in safety.


C/ Méndez Álvaro, 44
Telephone: (34) 91 75 38 100 / (34) 91 75 38 000
28045 Madrid (Spain)

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