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8 types of behavior: a commitment to safety

We are committed to the goal of achieving zero accidents in all of our operations.

The aim of the leadership plan is that the company’s leaders assume and put into practice the eight behaviors related to safety and the environment defined by the company, with one ultimate objective in mind: to fulfil its commitment to the goal of zero accidents. To achieve that, actions have been implemented in three areas: professional development, training and communication.

When assessing the performance of our leaders, safety aspects occupy an important place; safety is always considered the first criteria in decision-making, and our leaders act in accordance with this principle.

In the area of training, the company has deployed the PRISMA program, which has enabled all of the organization’s leaders to be trained on leadership aspects related to safety, leading to a significant change in behavior.

In terms of communication, leadership in safety is taken into consideration in our daily operations. Several communication campaigns have been conducted to facilitate and drive the significant cultural change the company is undergoing.

Rafael Orejas, URF Project Manager, Petronor 

At Repsol, we demand that our leaders individually assume responsibility for safety. They must communicate and demonstrate the conviction that their own safety and that of others depends on everyone.

Our leaders must also train their teams to develop safety skills and leadership. Individual objectives are established and the safety performance of stakeholders is measured, which is a fundamental pillar for assessment, remuneration and career progression.

8 types of behavior
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