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Fulfilling our commitments and strategic lines of management, and protecting and preserving the environment, continue to be key components in the company’s economic activities.

Looking after the environment and protecting biodiversity are essential commitments for Repsol. To meet them, we have a Health, Safety and Environmental Policy covering our principles on these aspects. 

Our aim is to minimize our environmental impact and effects on climate change, while respecting biodiversity and local communities.

Our commitment to the environment also demands great involvement at all levels of our organization. That is why the Executive Committee establishes environmental lines of action, which are the basis for producing goals and action plans in all the company’s businesses.


Environmental performance

Identification, analysis, follow-up and minimization are fundamental aspects of our company’s environmental management.

Sustainable energy and climate change

At Repsol we face the supply of sufficient, safe and sustainable energy working with the daily objective of reducing emissions.


We take into account the specific characteristics of the locations of our facilities in our work to preserve the natural environment.

Main initiatives developed

At Repsol we make a daily effort to implement the latest technological advances and apply the highest environmental standards.


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