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Ethics and Transparency

These are two of the main values within Repsol's corporate culture that play a fundamental role in the company.

Business ethics are forged from the "ethos" or "character" of the company, which is defined by the values that govern how it acts. Transparency refers to showing ourselves accountable to all the company's stakeholders. Both concepts are essential for receiving the approval and trust of society.


Ethics and Conduct Code

Amongst other issues, this regulation covers human rights, equal opportunities, environmental protection and transparency of information.

Preventing corruption

We have a strict control procedure in place to assess internal corruption risks.

Ethical Conduct

One of the company's goals is to ensure that the entire Repsol team complies with the regulation in business projects.

Financial transparency

Repsol is committed to ensuring transparency in its financial reporting, with a view to preventing social inequality and bribery.


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