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What Corporate Responsibility means to Repsol

Our way of understanding business organization: meeting the needs of our generation without compromising those of future generations.

Corporate responsibility is the contribution that organizations make to sustainable development. It is the effort that we make to include environmental and social factors in organizations' decision-making, with one clear objective: sustainability.

Repsol's work in this area is ongoing and has been for many years. It sees Corporate responsibility as a commitment that it makes voluntarily to reduce the impact that its activities may have on society and the environment.

We strive to be aware of the concerns and expectations of our stakeholders, which involves listening to everyone who has a legitimate interest in the activities carried out by the company at three levels: global, country and operational center.

Global energetics

Repsol is a global company that seeks people's well-being and needs to listen to all of its stakeholders. From investors, global governance institutions - such as the United Nations, the European Union, OECD - to organizations that defend human rights and the environment. 

Repsol needs to listen to the concerns and expectations regarding major global problems that such organizations bring to its attention.

This dialogue has an impact on various issues, such as preventing damage to the environment, respecting human rights, efficiently managing water and energy, combating corruption and complying with international standards wherever an activity takes place.

At country level 

Authorities, employees and trading partners are some of the stakeholders working in the countries where Repsol is present and that we listen to in order to identify their expectations and concerns.

Work-life balance measures, workforce diversity, safety at work and the integration of people with different abilities are some of the issues that we are addressing at Repsol.

In operational centers 

Lastly, operational centers are also an ideal place for identifying concerns and improvements, above all by neighboring communities and local institutions.

As well as the issues identified in the global and country analyses, this third level allows us to record controls on the number of local jobs created, involvement in community initiatives and any environmental impact there may be.

At Repsol we seek people's well-being and contribute to sustainable development. #RepsolCSR

Corporate Responsibility is one step ahead of the laws and regulations that all organizations must comply with. #RepsolCSR

Voluntary commitments

At Repsol we are not only committed to environmental and social issues but also to respecting our voluntary commitments made through our policies and our participation in the United Nations Global Compact.

Proof that we respect and comply with the standards that we have adopted is the recognition we have received from the prestigious Dow Jones Sustainability Indexes, which considers Repsol to be the world's most transparent and sustainable oil company.

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