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How do we do it?


Good Governance

The Board Regulations, along with other regulations and information made public by the company, highlight the commitment to good corporate governance.

Sustainability Plans

At Repsol we go beyond the legally-required parameters and incorporate specific actions aimed at improving the company’s standing.

Our CSR Model

Commitments, Coordination System and Government Bodies make up the model the company uses to coordinate Corporate Responsibility.

Risk management system

At Repsol we have various procedures and systems for identifying, measuring, assessing, controlling and managing risks.

Success stories

The calibre of the policies to which Repsol is publicly and voluntarily committed is demonstrated in the studies periodically conducted by the company.


Repsol is one of the most sustainable companies in the energy industry and has been recognized by organizations of great prestige worldwide.

Initiatives and new memberships:

With the priority of constantly improving our Corporate Responsibility procedures and practices, we take an active part in a variety of associations and initiatives.

Sustainability Reports

Informe anual

Consult the Sustainability Reports from previous years.


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