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Relations with communities in industrial centers

At Repsol, we set up different dialog channels with the stakeholders in our areas of influence, all of which fall under our Community Relations Policy.

This policy formalizes our social commitment to sustainable development and respect for the communities, regions and countries where we operate.

There are urban environments with large populations within our industrial complexes' areas of influence. 

Our refineries and chemical complexes are mainly located in industrialized environments, near urban centers. This proximity enables us to contribute to the social and economic development of the surrounding towns and cities through direct and indirect job creation, paying taxes, and collaboration agreements that we enter into with city councils and other local public authorities in order to promote cultural events.

Repsol maintains systematic dialog with the stakeholders in these communities, and sets up both formal and informal communication channels to facilitate relations with them. 

We have several procedures applicable to the different operating centers to enable environmental, social, security and health impacts and risks to be identified and managed, the most noteworthy being the Environmental, Social and Health Impact Assessment (ESHIA)

As a general rule, we make scheduled visits to the company's industrial complexes where we obtain information on the activities carried out in the complex and on our working culture geared towards people's security and prevention and minimizing our environmental footprint

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We conduct environmental and social impact assessments in order to gain an insight into the reality of the local communities in our areas of operation. #RepsolCSR

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