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Contributing to local development

Repsol's influence on the local economy extends beyond direct jobs and paying salaries and taxes.

We can generate wealth in the local economy indirectly by supporting local companies through purchasing from suppliers. Over 85% of purchases are made from local distributors. This figure bears witness to the company's commitment to the surroundings in which it operates, and the wealth it brings to its host communities.

We also aim for this relationship with local suppliers to be long-lasting and respond to the company's needs.

Purchasing and contracts from Special Employment Centers in Spain

Special Employment Centers (CEE) are companies whose workforce must include at least 70% of people with a disability of at least 33%. In Spain these centers are a means of integrating disabled people in the workforce. 

Besides including this type of employee in its workforce, Repsol undertakes to promote job creation for workers with disabilities by contracting goods and services from Special Employment Centers. 

We also hold calls for tender which are weighted in favor of Special Employment Centers, to encourage the integration of people with disabilities in the labor market, even when this might mean an increase in the differential cost of the goods or service.

General purchasing and contract conditions
The supplier or contractor must comply with current legal requirements such as the International Labor Organization (ILO) Fundamental Conventions on labor rights and provisions on the Environment and Health and Safety.

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We contribute to local development by contracting over 85% of our supplies from local companies. #RepsolCSR

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C/ Méndez Álvaro, 44
Telephone: (34) 91 75 38 100 / (34) 91 75 38 000
28045 Madrid (Spain)

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