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Shareholders and Investors

Repsol is committed to fluid dialog and a high level of transparency with shareholders and investors.

Environmental and social issues have gained great relevance for Repsol and its shareholders and investors when making decisions and developing businesses.

The concerns of shareholders and investors are not only related to financial criteria; values such as sustainability and respect for the environment also figure prominently in their concerns and are decisive in their decision making. That is why questions such as "how much do I earn" give way to more complex and relevant questions such as "how do I earn it", what impact does it generate and how has it been minimized.

We are committed to transparency in information and open communication with the financial markets and their shareholders.


Our relations

We work to achieve fluid, transparent communication with shareholders and investors, providing them with in-depth knowledge of our company.

ESG criteria

Investors and shareholders base their decisions on evaluating environmental, social, economic and governance criteria.


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