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Repsol News

"News" is a meeting and communication space between Repsol and media professionals. Its purpose is to bring us closer to journalists who would like to know more about our company. This interesting resource offers information regarding our work throughout the world.


News 22

More than 25 million vehicles around the world run on AutoGas or LGP. This alternative fuel, a mixture of propane and butane, offers the same performance as traditional fuels but reduces emissions almost entirely.


News 21

Repsol heads the technology project SPAIN 2017, a collection of Spanish companies and research centers, to develop a hybrid propulsion system that improves the competitiveness of this strategic industry.


News 20

Each year, Repsol charters dozens of vessels to transport over 1,500 shipments of crude and products around the world.


News 19

Scientists of different specialties such as metabolic engineering, enzyme engineering, and computational biology, meet in the Advanced Biology Laboratory of the Repsol Technology Center.


News 18

Using very high resolution imaging, digital petrophysics reconstructs the properties of reservoir rock, cutting down decision time and reducing geological uncertainty in hydrocarbon exploration and production.


News 17

The future for electric vehicles in the short term seems to be in small scooters for cities. Repsol has a stake in Scutum, a company that will soon launch a revolutionary removable battery to solve private owner's charging headaches.


News 16

The synergies created with the integration of Talisman have grown from an estimated 220 million dollars annually when the acquisition was announced to 400 million dollars annually.


News 15

Partnerships between large companies, startups, entrepreneurs, and universities to create R+D+I ecosystems have become decisive in dealing with increasingly short innovation cycles.


News 14

Repsol has put its new fuels on the market with Neotech, a combination of components designed to meet the most demanding automobile manufacturer requirements.


News 13

Businesses are increasingly including volunteer programs in their social responsibility policies. Since its creation in 2011, more than 855,000 people have benefited from the volunteering initiatives promoted by the company through Fundación Repsol.


News 12

With its new Energy and Carbon Plan, Repsol will reduce its CO2 emissions by 13% during the 2014-2020 period. Repsol's Refining and Chemicals businesses are the main driving forces behind efficiency.


News 11

Drones have arrived to the oil industry and with them now it will be easier to map out reservoirs, detect leaks and monitor infrastructure.


News 10

In this edition we find out more about the company's professionals with an international profile, the Excalibur Project, and day to day activities on the Casablanca oil rig, Spain's only active example.


News 09

In this edition, we discuss hydrocarbon exploration in Africa, the international expansion of the lubricants business, and we take a look at Repsol en Acción, the company's shareholders community.


News 08

The new Geopolitical map, offshore wind energy and Repsol's new sustainability plan are just some of the topics covered in this new issue.


News 07

Repsol's focus on the E&P business unit has enabled production to exceed 332,000 barrels a day, 11% more than in 2011. The company is reinforcing its exploration activity and its R&D.


News 06

In a difficult context for employment, energy company Repsol is as committed as ever. Last year, Repsol hired 750 new employees in Spain and is currently focusing on youth job creation.


News Campus Special

One of the priorities when building the Repsol Campus was to make sure it was a 100% accessible headquarters. From the very start of the project, the strictest methods were applied to guarantee access to everyone.


News 05

Repsol's expansion of the Cartagena Industrial Complex has meant a drastic change in the scope and complexity of the site. It has thus become one of the world's benchmark refineries due to its technological features.


News 04

Technological development brings with it new challenges, such as exploring Arctic areas. In the space of 10 years, oil from the deep sea could account for a quarter of world production. The future of service stations lies in expanding the non-oil business.


News 03

The latest technology for finding hydrocarbons in places that were up until now inaccessible, the development of biofuels for world class competitions, the CO2 market, and biofuels for aviation. These are just some of the matters discussed in this third edition.


News 02

Unconventional resources and the possibilities they represent in the world's future energy supply are one of this edition's main themes. You'll also find more information on our accessible service stations, the advances in sustainable mobility and our commitment to those with disabilities. 


News 01

Brufau presents the "News" communication channel and invites us to discover its first three innovative stories: The Oil of Gondwana; The Magic Plant for Biodiesel? and Working Well From Home.

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